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These organically grown, small, bite-sized bananas are tastier and more fragrant than the more widely available traditional Robusta bananas. These palm-sized apple bananas are also called Manzano Banana. Apple bananas are available all year long and get their name from the apple-like stem. They taste more like tropical, pineapple when they are fully ripe.  


The black-brown spots on the flesh are a symptom of sweetening rather than spoilage. The cream-colored fruit, which is usually hidden inside the peel, is stiff, bitter, and acidic when it is unripe but becomes softer and more creamy as it ripens. Apple bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other substances that enhance health in a variety of ways. Once ripe, keep this fruit at room temperature and eat.  


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Apple Banana 6 Pieces

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